Free CBG Lemon Seltzer
Free CBG Lemon Seltzer

Free CBG Lemon Seltzer

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*20mg CBG*

Enjoy some of our favorite Benefits Beyond the Buzz with Free CBG (cannabigerol) Limone Seltzer! Perfect for just about anytime, these refreshing seltzers have a clear, clean, calm vibe - and they don't get in the way of your day! You're free to rock your day with more ease and flow. 

Vegan and FREE of Sweeteners, Gluten, Alcohol, THC and Calories!

Enjoy on its own or mix in your favorite juice or syrups for great mocktails!

Ingredients: Carbonated water, 20mg isolated CBG, Organic Botanical Flavor

*Free Shipping and Local St. Louis Area Delivery*

*These are the same great product as our Kemp's Hemp Lemon seltzer you love, presented in a fun new way.*